What Does Oxycodone Feel Like?


Oxycodone is a prescription opioid used in the management of pain. It is slowly released into the system and can help manage chronic pain for up to 12 hours. The side effects of oxycodone usually last for two to five hours.

The fact that the drug’s effects last for a considerably long time is one of the things that make this opioid stand out from the rest. That element also makes it very effective in treating chronic pain and increasing the propensity for misuse.

If you take oxycodone as prescribed by a doctor, you will probably not get any high because the drug is slowly released into the system. You will definitely feel some high the first time you take it, but the high is mild and doesn’t take long.

OxycodoneHowever, when abused, oxycodone can cause a euphoria high because the drug interferes with how your brain responds to pain. You can compare this euphoric high to a heroin high. It is very addictive and creates an illusion of well-being, lost as soon as the high goes down.

Prescribed oxycodone should be administered whole. However, people chasing its high will often crush, break or open it up. After that, they will most likely inject, swallow or snort it to get the high they’re seeking.

Snorting, injecting, and smoking oxycodone leads to one adjusting tolerance to the drug.

When oxycodone is chewed, snorted, smoked or injected, it enters one’s bloodstream quicker, causing an abrupt and intense high. Effect on the brain upon snorting occurs within fifteen minutes while it can take up to an hour to feel the results of the drug when taken orally.

In addition, when oxycodone is snorted or injected, it is rapidly ingested into the system through the nasal cavity and blood vessels. Once in the bloodstream, it rapidly travels to the brain, causing a euphoric feeling similar to what one would experience after injecting heroin.

It is important to note that the attempt to manage tolerance by snorting, injecting or smoking oxycodone quickly turns into an addiction. Moreover, the likelihood of developing dependence on oxycodone increases when it is not taken as prescribed by a medical doctor.

What are the Risks Associated with an Oxycodone High?

OxycodoneThe first time you take oxycodone, you’ll probably experience an enjoyable high. It is, however, virtually impossible to replicate this high with continued use. When one tries to do so, they are said to be chasing the high. In an attempt to do this, one can easily find themselves taking more oxycodone than prescribed or ingesting it in ways other than swallowing.

Sometimes people take oxycodone together with other substances such as alcohol in an attempt to prolong its high. When this happens, the high tends to be intense, but combining the drug with other substances exposes you to a lot of danger, including the possibility of death from an overdose.

The risk of overdose or other adverse reactions to the drug increases when individuals begin chewing, snorting, or injecting the pill for quicker and more significant effects. When oxycodone is not strictly taken as prescribed, the following can happen:

  • Overdose- an overdose caused by oxycodone can cause brain damage and even death. Signs of an overdose include slow breathing, difficulty in breathing, and extreme lethargy. The risk of an overdose is heightened when the oxycodone has been taken together with alcohol, other opioids, or sedatives. If you or a loved one uses oxycodone, it is advisable to keep a Naloxone kit close and use it to mitigate the effects of an overdose as you wait for medical help, should an overdose occur.
  • Addiction- after taking oxycodone for a prolonged period in an attempt to get high, you begin getting less pressure from it. Should you suddenly stop taking it, you will start experiencing withdrawal symptoms that make you feel sick. In an attempt to manage withdrawal symptoms, people tend to get more hooked to the drug.
  • Risk of getting an infection. In an attempt to chase the high, some people begin injecting oxycodone. People struggling with dependence on the drug are usually not in their right minds and, consequently, don’t pay much attention to the gadgets they use while injecting the drugs. Unsanitary sharing needles are standard and increase the risk of infections.
  • Beyond suffering withdrawal symptoms, individuals struggling with an addiction to oxycodone also experience other side effects such as sexual challenges, constipation, nausea, vomiting, swelling, itching, sweating, sleepiness, among others.
  • It is illegal to have oxycodone that has not been prescribed to you by a licensed physician. People with a dependency on oxycodone get desperate and buy from the black market, thus increasing the risk of getting on the wrong side of the law and suffering the consequences.

Oxycodone is intended for the treatment of chronic pain and only under supervision by a qualified medical practitioner. However, it is easy to get attached to the high that comes with it, especially if you want to numb your emotions. The euphoric high associated with the drug creates an illusion of wellness, and therefore the drug can quickly turn into a way of avoiding dealing with their emotions.

How to Take Oxycodone Safely

It would help if you never took oxycodone unless a licensed health practitioner has prescribed it. Even then, caution should be taken to prevent the risk of an overdose. To take the drug safely:

  • Ingest it by swallowing and never chew, snort, or inject the medicine into your system.
  • Oxycodone should be swallowed and never dissolved in water.
  • If you have never taken opioids, it is advisable to stay clear of oxycodone.
  • While on oxycodone, avoid taking it with alcohol, other opioids, or sedatives such as Ativan, Valium, and Xanax.
  • If you’re struggling with a dependence on the drug, do not take it in isolation because should an overdose occur, you might need help from a trusted friend or loved one.
  • Avoid oxycodone if you’ve suffered withdrawal from other opioids.

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